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World Class Shopping, In Stylish Shreveport-Bossier: Louisiana’s Other Side

A little friendly advice, bring an extra suitcase for all the fabulous treasures you will find in the boutiques, malls and shops of Shreveport-Bossier. This is a shopper’s paradise, whether you are searching for bargains, the latest fashions, heirloom antiques or a one-of-kind artwork.

Situated on the banks of the historic Red River, the famed Louisiana Boardwalk is a beautiful and stylish shopping area, the perfect place to enjoy lunch or a delightful coffee in a chic outdoor café. Or if you prefer, a pre-performance dinner and drinks in a romantic bistro overlooking reflected in the river that glows with the reflection of sparkling lights. Relaxed and sprawling, with something for everyone, the Boardwalk is the largest center for stores, art, entertainment and dining, in all of Louisiana. The Boardwalk hosts over 60 outlet stores and restaurants, as well as an on-site movie theater that frequently features major studio world premieres.

In addition to the Boardwalk, the City Shopping District holds an assortment of boutiques carrying exquisite signature items for the discerning shopper. Take a walk through the Line Avenue District, which offers more than 75 unusual boutiques. We are also home to two-modern world class malls, the Mall St. Vincent and the Pierre Bossier Mall. And don’t miss Southeast Shreveport which features a fast-growing selection of discount and big box stores, for everyday necessities.

In short, harkening back to our days as a major trading port, we continue the tradition of offering cosmopolitan and eclectic wares from all over America and the world. You will find elegant luxury items, off-beat antique shops, small curio dealers, the latest fashion trends and beautiful items for the home.

Some call this a shopper’s paradise, we call it Shreveport-Bossier: Louisiana’s Other Side.

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