Shreveport-Bossier COVID-19 update: Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has instituted a gradual reopening of many businesses with occupancy restrictions, enhanced sanitation, social distancing, personal protection equipment and other appropriate protection measures necessary to protect the health and safety of the people in Louisiana.  Before you visit a business, please call to confirm that they are open, and to find out what restrictions are being enforced. There is a statewide mandate for face masks and social distancing.

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Excellence in Hospitality Awards

Click here to download a printable list of the information you'll need to submit your nomination. The printable version may not be submitted as a nomination. All nominations must be submitted online.

There is no cost to submit a nomination. 

The nomination period opens Monday, March 29, 2021. The final deadline for submitting nominations is midnight on Sunday, April 25, 2021.


Please provide the following information about the person who is submitting the nomination.


Please provide the following information about the person/business being nominated.

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Please tell us about what makes this nominee stand out. When preparing your nomination, please remember that a nomination with good details and examples has a much better chance at garnering an award than a brief and hastily prepared nomination. Be sure to give your nominee the best chance of being recognized by thoughtfully preparing their nomination. Feel free to use your preference of bullet points or sentence format.

List specific awards and/or achievements the nominee received. (Limit 500 words)

Describe the nominee's contributions to Shreveport-Bossier's tourism industry. Include details about innovative ideas, demonstrating passion for enhancing travel, extraordinary contributions to the industry, selfless and philanthropic acts, etc. (Limit 500 words)

Provide additional information we should consider during the selection process. (Limit 500 words)

Provide a 50-word description that summarizes why this employee has been nominated.

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