Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) / Central ARTSTATION


Founded in 1976 as the official arts arm of the City of Shreveport, SRAC develops, produces, and educates the public on the arts while ensuring access to the arts to all people in Northwest Louisiana. 

On August 25, 2009 an arsonist lit a tragic fire that completely destroyed Shreveport Regional Arts Council’s headquarters.  This unfortunate, but inspiring event resulted in the exciting opportunity to repurpose the City’s landmark Central Fire Station (1922) to Central ARTSTATION.  SRAC headquarters are a pivotal element of a new comprehensive Arts District and City Gateway:  Shreveport Common.

The renovation of this historic building will provide offices for SRAC’s administrative staff, but more importantly… it also will act as a developmental space for artists and arts organizations with dedicated areas:
- a Rehearsal Space where arts organizations are invited to use the large “Engine Room” to practice a performance, use as a workshop, or create their art.
- a Production Space where SRAC will provide the “Engine” Room black box theatre to produce performances and demonstrations.
- the Emerging Artists Gallery will be an exhibition space for local artists to showcase their work.
- an Artists’ Tower for national artists to use while in residency in Shreveport to create art and support and participate in education residencies.
- an Office Space for other arts organizations to hold meetings, be assisted with grant writing, and use state of the art computers and office equipment.

Central ARTSTATION will be guarded by “ART the Dalmatian” designed by Oscar and Emmy award-winning artist, William Joyce.  ART will become the Arts Best Friend!  ART will welcome and “protect” the Artists, Arts Organizations, and patrons.  Each spot on ART will brilliantly announce all donors to the Central ARTSTATION.

Get a 360° view:

View of office space 
View of lobby 
View of outside entrance and Art the Dalmation sculpture 
View of fireman's pole and stairwell 
View from second floor of fireman's pole 
View of hallway and conference room 
View of conference room