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An American Story, From Frontier Outpost to Cultural Center, Shreveport-Bossier: Louisiana’s Other Side!

There’s a pulse that you can’t miss, a blend of American cultures, where Texas cattle country brushes shoulders with Cajun spice; Creole mystery and plantation elegance meet wildcat gold. We trace our roots back to the great American frontier tradition, replete with luxurious riverboat travel, great plantations, and wide-open range, all of it overlooking the banks of the historic Red River.

The city was founded back in the 1830s, when the riverboat captain, Henry Miller Shreve, cleared a logjam and opened the river to trade. Soon the city of Shreveport came into being, as well as Bossier on the opposite bank. Almost by magic the cities grew, but they never gave up their early traditions, Southern roots, or friendly charm.

You’ll find our artistic and musical traditions run deep. Elvis got his start here, back in the day of the Louisiana Hayride. Our many museums tell the story of other famous musicians, stars, explorers and tycoons who called Shreveport-Bossier home. You can experience the modern day results of this blending of traditions at our concerts, festivals and nightclubs that offer a kaleidoscope of American musical style, from jazz to country to classical.

What began life as a log-jammed river port, has now become home to a splendid convention center, world-class hotels, family-friendly lodges, and charming bed and breakfasts. Our dining is unparalleled, offering cuisines from all over the world, with our own home-town version of East Texas Cajun. Then of course, there is the shopping, from the beautiful malls to specialty boutiques throughout the city and on our delightful riverfront Louisiana Boardwalk.

As Southerners, we do like to have fun. What better way to celebrate life on the Red River than an almost non-stop series of festivals and events, highlighting our cultural heritage of music, food and art? From the first warm breeze of spring into the cool weather of fall, as some of us say, “Let the good times roll!” And that includes gaming on our glittering riverboats, offering entertainment, fun and the good life.

Entertainment, food, fun, culture, history, it’s Shreveport-Bossier: Louisiana’s Other Side.

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