The 2020 North Louisiana Travel Outlook Conference was recently rescheduled for Thursday, Sept. 10 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., due to uncertain trajectories of Hurricane Laura. Cancellation was not a foreseeable option because of the pandemic’s strain on the tourism industry. This conference was crafted by the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau for regional and local tourism businesses to gain insight from tourism experts from around the world. The sole focus of this conference is to fuel north Louisiana’s tourism industry with information that will boost the economy’s recovery from the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19. Often, the term “tourism” plants the idea of a tourist sight-seeing and planning leisure activities, which is true, but tourism impacts communities much deeper than that.  


The tourism industry includes everything related to a person or group of people that have temporarily relocated from their primary residence.

The tourism industry, also known as the travel and hospitality industry, is one of the world’s largest industries. Creating approximately 277 million jobs and generating more than $7 trillion, countless economies around the globe rely on their tourism trade for sustainability. Since the start of the global pandemic earlier this year, these numbers have diminished tremendously. North Louisiana Travel Outlook Conference participants will receive first-hand insight about COVID-19’s impact on the regional area’s economy and tourism industry from Adam Sacks, who worked with destinations, industry associations, and companies around the world in the areas of opportunity and risk assessments, policy analysis, and economic impact. Typically, this type of niche-specific information could cost thousands of dollars, but online registration to this conference is only $20. Click here to register now.


Transportation, accommodations, restaurants and bars, retail, attractions, festivals, events, outdoor recreation, and entertainment businesses all play a significant role in tourism.

The tourism industry is based around key elements of hospitality, keeping visitors happy, occupied, and equipped with the things they need during their vacation. Airplanes and car rentals get visitors where they need to go. Hotels and bed and breakfast joints give visitors a place to rest. Restaurants and bars cater to guests during their leisure time. Events and attractions offer entertainment opportunities. Tourist bureaus market destinations to visitors by offering area travel information. During the North Louisiana Travel Outlook Conference, you will recognize the economic value of restaurants, retail, attractions, local businesses, events, casinos, sports, and more in tourism. This industry covers a lot of ground, and as a result, business owners, directors or managers everywhere can benefit from this conference, especially if they interact or attract out of town customers. To view the full schedule of events, click here.


Now that you’re familiar with the characteristics of tourism, here’s five reasons you should register for the North Louisiana Travel Outlook Conference right now:

  1. Useful Content

The well-rounded content that registrants will receive covers more than 10 topics and features more than 25 speakers. There will be ample opportunities to gain respected knowledge about the tourism industry and its recovery efforts for future tourism.

  1. Expert Speakers

There are internationally renowned speakers and nationally recognized presenters, as well as local and regional voices that will reveal their tourism expertise to anyone seeking answers or guidance. Each speaker will give listeners useful tools, economic data, practical resources, and insight to help restore what COVID-19 may have damaged.

  1. Virtual and In-Person Tickets

You can choose your style of conference, virtual or in-person. Limited in-person attendance is available due to government mandates and social distance guidelines. Secure your seats at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Shreveport for only $30 on the day of the conference, that includes lunch.

  1. Business Benefits

If you own or operate a business that sees an influx of visitors, targets visitors, or caters to visitors, you have an investment in the tourism industry because you are a contributor of the tourism industry. This conference was produced with you in mind!

  1. Giveaways

The prizes that you’ll win are worth more than your registration costs. You could receive a staycation package, a Louisiana gift basket, gift cards to local tourism businesses, and more.

I hope that you were able to gain some clarity about tourism and commerce, and why the North Louisiana Travel Outlook Conference is necessary for the area’s economic improvements. For more information about the conference, visit